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Joaquin Lichtle is a composer, conductor, producer and speaker considered one of the 100 Most Creative Mexicans In the World by Forbes Mexico. 

As a Technical Score Assistant he had the honor  of being a finalist along with Hans Zimmer, Russell Emannuel and Christian Lundberg at Bleeding Fingers Music for the Music+Sound Awards (U.K. 2022). He was involved with Bleeding Fingers for almost 3 years and was also a Junior Composer and Freelance Composer.

Joaquin has given masterclasses and conferences in top institutions in Latin America and holds international recognition as a composer such as the Outstanding Musician at the IBLA Grand Prize (Italy, 2023), Semifinalist for the NYC Contemporary Music Symposium (USA, 2023) as well as First and Second Prize at the Marker and Pioneer International Music Competition (USA, 2023).

Recently, Joaquin wrote the soundtrack for LALIFF and Netlflix's sponsored short-film Death In Training. The film won the overall-pick, Honorable Mention award at the New York Latino Film Festival sponsored by Warner Bros. Discovery (USA, 2023).

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